Our ridiculous snow day policy

What is with the school districts up here in the frigid north?  Today’s windchill was predicted to be 35 degrees below zero at 8 am (which is after sunrise for us) and yet our school superintendent in his “infinite wisdom” will not delay the school start time by a measly two hours.  Our middle and high school students are expected to wait in the dark at their bus stops ten minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive in these dangerous windchills where frostbite occurs within 10 minutes.  The elementary students get on their buses later but still in the dark and are still expected to be at their stops just as early.  Apparently our children learn so much better when slightly chilled (sarc).  This administration needs to learn the difference between the safety of our children and the proper temperature of a good bottle of wine.

As always, just my humble (and today very irate) opinion.


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