It’s almost Christmas!

The kids have been counting down the days until Christmas and getting squirrellier by the minute.  It doesn’t help that the weather has been too cold to go outside.  Hopefully the weather will get better soon-either that or we’ll be spending more time at McDonald’s Play Place than I care to think about.  They are so excited and that is a blessing.

My diet has been going nowhere fast lately.  I just hope that I don’t gain back what I’ve already lost (7 pounds).  I’ve been stressed out about a job interview and just received the message today that I didn’t get the job.   There ought to be a law that employers can’t interview people in December-the weather’s bleak enough.  Now I’m sure someone (okay, me) will say;  “Whenever God closes a door, somewhere he opens a window.”  My reply today; “Dear God, It’s minus 10 degrees outside today.  Can we wait until spring to open that window?”  lol and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 

Today I’m thankful my spouse and kids love me even when the rest of the world is clueless to my magnificence.


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"If you are what you should be you will set the whole world on fire."
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"Among those around you, apostolic soul, you are the stone fallen into the lake. With your word and your example, you produce a first circle, and it another, and another, and another, wider each time. Now do you understand the greatness of your mission?" St. Josemarie Escriva: The Way
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