Happy New Year!

Hooray, it’s 2009. I like each New Year’s Day. The year ahead is full of possibilities just waiting to be explored and discovered. Life always looks brighter when the year starts.

2009 will be the year I finally lose all this “baby fat”.  My “baby” is now 7 years old so it’s time the weight came off.  I have 52 weeks to accomplish this goal and if I lose 1 pound per week for each of those 52 weeks, I will be below my target weight. So, yes I can do this in 2009. I got a jump start in 2008 by not gaining weight over Halloween-lost 3 pounds instead, losing 2 pounds over Thanksgiving and possibly losing another 3-4 pounds over Christmas and New Year’s. I haven’t done my “official” weigh-in yet so the last number may change. But I feel empowered to make this change knowing that I can keep the weight off over those major eating frenzy holidays. And once the weather warms up, I’ll be able to walk outdoors again. Indoor walking is not the same, just the same scenery over and over again.

Another of my goals for the new year is to spend more time with family and friends.  DH and I enjoy camping and traveling, so we need to plan those trips and make the most of this precious year.  The kids enjoy the travel and family time too.  They love a good adventure, seeing and learning new things.   

So here’s to having goals for the new year.  I hope you are empowered to reach yours.


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