A short string

I was reading “The Explosive Child” by Ross W Greene, Ph.D. this morning.  My son has had issues with his short fuse and this book was recommended by another parent dealing with a similar situation.   As I have been reading this particular book, I have found some helpful information and though I haven’t finished it yet, I will begin trying Dr. Greene’s suggestions. 


This morning, my son said, again, that he didn’t want to go to school.  This has been a struggle for him, in that he gets frustrated at school and then explodes and gets in trouble for exploding.   Which is completely understandable all the way around.  So I called him over to me for a talk before making him get his coat on and go to school, because a good education is not optional in our house.  And not even getting through the full year of first grade really won’t cut it in the real world. 🙂  He saw the picture on the cover of the book and asked what AFG meant (these are the letters on the building blocks the “cartoon” child on the cover is stacking).  I told him that it didn’t stand for anything and that the little boy is just trying to stack the blocks in a way that makes sense to him.  Then he saw the fuse coming out of the child’s round head and said; “So, he’s like a bomb.”  I agreed and then he said; “Well, at least he’s got a long string yet.”  Daylight hit me and I told him that he has a long string too and he promptly replied, ” Not today, today I only have a short string.”  “Well,” I said, “hold on to that short string then.  Now, let’s get ready to go to school.”  He went and put on his coat and we went to school.  When he gets home this afternoon, I think we’ll have another talk about string and how to make our string grow by taking a deep breath whenever we get frustrated.


Now, before you start thinking that this was an example of the brilliant parenting of others, it’s not.  In the words of Minerva McGonagle sometimes our most brilliant moments are  just “Sheer Dumb Luck”.  Have a great day.


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