What a weekend!

Well, we had fun at the convention again this year.  Met more of the Lions from the other clubs in the district and enjoyed chatting with them.  DH did take the kids to the pool and I had a few hours to myself.  We also went over to the mega mall and went mini golfing after lunch.  My younger two played in the Lego area and DS was so tired after all the fun mini golfing that he freaked out about getting on the escalator.  We got him calmed down afterwards but WOW, poor kid.  I think they went to bed early Saturday night.  DH & I were at the “Governor’s Banquet” from 7-9:30pm and didn’t get to say goodnight to them as they were sound asleep when we got back up to the room.

I figured out what to do with the novelty yarn-a clutch purse with a toggle closure, might even line it with fabric if I get it done well before Valentine’s weekend.  I decided to work it in crochet since that is much faster than knitting for me and I could adjust the number of stitches quicker.  This yarn starts out thin and gets wider in only one section.  The problem is that the wide section repeats three times in the 98 yards of yarn.  So, I crocheted and adjusted as needed and then realized that 98 yards doesn’t make a clutch, it makes a rectangle with a triangle at the top.  So I added another yarn, one of my wools in a solid teal green to complete two rows on the bottom and the entire front of the clutch.  The wool sets off the varigated novelty yarn quite well.

Well, DS wants popcorn and a movie, so I’m off to the microwave and then upstairs for the movie.


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