Done! Done! Hallelujah!

DD2 finished her display board last night for her school project on Pennsylvania which is due today. This was done in spite of her mother (me) signing her up for swim lessons-Monday nights, Girl Scouts-Tuesday nights, B.E.S.T. Electric car building-Wednesday after school ( okay, this was actually her & her dad) and Clay Camp (a one-time deal)-Thursday after school. Some days I wonder where my brain went (and why it refused to take me with it)! The poor kid worked her tail off. I did help her type the report on Wednesday night and went through an unGodly amount of pictures from our trip to PA to choose the 42 that would grace her report and display board before taking the kids to school on Thursday. I then ran to Target to print those pictures from our trip to PA in the later part of that morning. Still my thoughts are “poor kid”. I know that this will help her study habits-setting goals and not procrastinating. I just wish these lessons were easier . . .  silly I know. Life lessons are rarely easy and we should be glad to survive them sometimes.  And yet when she went to school this morning, she was just so proud of her project.  She even told her little brother last night that he gets to be part of her project because he’s in many of the pictures with her (Oh, that’s so sweet!). We moms worry about the dumbest things.

So, if you feel like your brain went on vacation and forgot the rest of you and your own dumb worries come to naught . . . feel free to join the club with the rest of us.  We’re good company when we’re not in a panic.  Hope your day is at least semi-sane. TGIF-Thank God It’s Friday!


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