Catholic Schools Week

Well, we kicked off Catholic Schools Week with two masses this morning. It’s nice to have 280 students in pre-k through 8th grade so that our school can be seen and represented at more than one mass on the weekend. DS read one of the petitions and DD helped as an altar server for our 10 am Mass. We had a nice breakfast afterward, sponsored by our local Knights of Columbus. We then checked out what was left of the 5th grade’s science projects and 4th grade’s state reports. Then it was on to the book fair. Even though both kids had purchased books when their respective class visited the book fair on Friday, they each had to pick out “just one more please” (incessant whining until parent gives in-yeah we did, it benefits the school).

During Catholic Schools Week this year, the kids will have theme days to dress for, no uniforms unless they can’t come up with the right outfit to fit the theme.  Monday’s theme is Everyday Heroes.  I told the kids they can wear their scout uniforms since scouts are everyday heroes too.  Tuesday’s theme is All that sparkles.  They get to dress like royalty so DS will wear his knight costume from Halloween 2007 and DD will wear her snow princess costume from last Halloween.  It’s nice to know that my frantic sewing of said costumes wasn’t in vain.  Wednesday’s theme is Dress for Success.  They are to dress in their nicest clothes, since they have Mass that day. Thursday’s theme is Summer Fun/Beach Day-not sure if this is a good idea in the frigid north but we’ll dig out the box of summer clothes anyway and figure out what still fits, then layer on a sweater/fleece shirt.  Friday’s theme is Celebrate the Decades so they can dress in clothes from whatever decade they want (in other words a freebie since they could choose the current decade too).

My knitting is coming along nicely.  The basketweave scarf is beginning to look more like a scarf and less like a potholder/trivet  in other words, gaining some length.  I did look up basketweave scarves online since the pattern seemed too simple to be thought up only by me.  I was right, loads of them exist so I can’t enter it into the contest at the Knit Out.  I can still donate the scarf though, so I’ll keep working on it.  DD’s sweater is coming along nicely as well.  The merino yarn is so soft.  It’s a real joy to work with good yarn.  DS’s blanket is slowly getting finished.  I have a couple rows in the light green to work and then four rows of the dark green and it will be done (finally)!

Keep warm!  Today I’m thankful for life and I pray that others will learn to  respect life from conception to natural death as well.


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