Catholic Schools Week Wrap-up

Well, let’s see, where were we.  Well, on Wednesday, the preschoolers and their families were invited to have lunch with the day school students.  Personally, I think this scares more parents into public school even when the kids are on their best behavior-just kidding 🙂 !  Then on Thursday, the middle school students squared off against the teachers for a volleyball game.  This turned into games as the teachers won the first and second games with the middle schoolers winning the third (after tiring out those poor adults).  The mob of younger students who swamped the middle schoolers asking for their autographs after the final game helped the teens keep their morale high in spite of the crushing loss.  Friday, I was back at school in the afternoon teaching four fifth grade girls how to crochet.  We didn’t get as far in the hour and a half that I thought we would, but the girls learned how to make a chain stitch and how to single crochet and turn at the end of the row.  Then at family fun night that evening, their teacher told me that they had come back into the classroom still working away at their crochet and had even asked during their great books time if they could crochet as they listened to the reader.  One of the moms also told me how much her daughter enjoyed the crochet lesson.  It’s good to know that they had fun, I certainly did.

Now it’s time to catch up on all the laundry and cleaning that got pushed to the side during this busy week.  This week I really miss that non-existent maid.


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