Oh For The Love of ****!

Our local radio station has listed a story on their website about the housing crisis in Minnesota.  The title of the story is “Study Shows Many Families Overburdened By Housing Costs”  In a nutshell, it states that one in eight Minnesota families spends half of their income on housing.  And that the rising unemployment rate will push even more Minnesotans into poverty this year.

Okay people a little Economics 101.  Do not spend more than one-fourth to one-third of your income on housing.  This is common sense.  Do not buy a house just because the bank says they will approve a mortgage for that high dollar amount.  You will need to eat and buy clothes-we don’t want to see you naked and can’t afford to feed your starving *** either.

Now don’t go getting all PO’d.  I have no problem with helping those who need help.  I just don’t have alot of compassion for people who think that they deserve to have it all and a big house they can’t afford too.  Kindly live within your means please!  Guess I’ll have to pray on that. 

Why do I even look at the news somedays?



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