I received word last Tuesday that the military unit of a good friend has been activated.  The Red Bulls will be deploying to Iraq after training for two months in Washington State.  I’m sure many of you have experienced similar circumstances in the past regarding the war that isn’t a war.  It is difficult to find the words to accurately describe my feelings.  Logically, I know that we can’t simply say “Stop, enough, we’re done!” and bring everyone home.  Iraq is not stable and American troops leaving will not bring stability for the Iraqi people.  Yet like many, I want to say “No, you can’t take my friend!  She has a family who needs her here.  She has a daughter who needs her mother.  She has a Girl Scout troop who will miss her leadership very much.”  And yet, I know that the leadership she has shown that troop will be useful to her in Iraq.  And hopefully, the Iraqi people will see the leadership shown by our men and women in uniform and learn from it.  Hopefully, the Iraqi people can then use that leadership knowledge to bring stability to their country and bring an end to the fighting so that our servicemen and women can return home with the knowledge that they have helped secure the peace.

Theresa, I pray that you will be safe in Iraq and that you and all of our service persons will return home safely to family and friends.


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