Knit Out & Crochet 2009

Well, I didn’t get to go both days, but I did make it to the Third Annual Knit Out & Crochet at MOA on Sunday.  I love being at the Knit Out.  It’s great to have the camaraderie of other stitchers.  These people understand my all encompassing love of fiber and my need to work with needles or hooks to turn that fiber into beautiful garments.  My non-stitching friends, bless their hearts, just don’t get my obsession with all things yarny.  

The demos were well attended this year, but not by me.  I decided to spend my time going through the various vendor lines.  I love the new patterns I received and the Bernat/Patons vendor is probably the most popular line that I wait in each year.  This is because Bernat/Patons understands our passion for fiber and always hands out a free skein or two of their yarn.  This year, they gave us fiber junkies a skein of Bernat Soft Boucle and a skein of Patons Divine along with free patterns and a Susan Bates crochet hook.  Both are lovely yarns and since I signed up with Three Kittens, an independent yarn shop in the Twin Cities, to make two preemie caps by June 2009 and also with Yarn Garage, another independent yarn retailer, to make two hats for the homeless by Fall 2009, these yarns will be put to good use.

Brett Bara was in the Crochet Today booth, handing out Susan Bates Bamboo crochet hooks.  If you’re also a fiber junkie and have not tried the bamboo hooks and needles yet, they are simply wonderful.  Bamboo and wood are warm in the hand and hold slippery fibers well.  The folks from Knit ‘N Style magazine were there handing out copies of their tenth anniversary magazine.  Wonderful articles, tips and of course many new patterns to try in that issue.  Knitters magazine was also represented, but unfortunately I got to their booth too late and didn’t get a copy of their magazine.  I saw many copies in the hands of lucky knitters & crocheters and I’m sure those folks will enjoy them.

The crew at the Lion Brand booth were handing out the must have Knit Out accessory, their big black logo bag.  You can’t be taken seriously as a fiber junkie at the Knit Out without one.  And besides, where would you put all the other stuff you got?  Not to mention the fact that when you get home, you can use the bag again at the grocery store.  For those of you like me who buy eight to ten boxes of cereal in one trip, it’s great to get all that in one bag (and people constantly ask me where I got the bag).

Red Heart and Leisure Arts were also there with patterns and showed their lovely new products.  Caron Yarns was also there with more new crochet patterns.  And Clover, a major source of knitting and crochet products and accessories.  What would we do without Knit Lites and Takumi bamboo needles?  Their newest pompom maker has me wondering why I still mutilate cardboard circles.  I’ll have to pick up a set very soon.

DH took the kids to Nickelodeon Universe and they all rode the rides.  He even got DS to agree to go on the Fairly Odd rollercoaster, that’s the one that has the cars that spin.  DH said that DS’s mouth was wide open the entire ride (too scared to actually scream I think) and DD2 was screaming for almost the whole ride.  Sometimes it’s good to be a fiber junkie, the spinning (and screaming) would get to me.

Hope your weekend was as enjoyable as ours.


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