Official definition, Flotsam: the wreckage of a ship or its cargo floating at sea.  My expanded definition, Flotsam:  The junk that clutters our lives. 

For example; all the debate about Nadya Suleman and her children.  Get off it people!  The time for debate is long past.  She has not committed a crime under U.S. law, therefore putting her actions on trial and judging her is irrelevant and a waste of time.  And the death threats directed at her, or anyone else, are a crime that is very prosecutable under U.S. law.  So quit with the stupidity already!

Another example:  Peoples collective fascination with celebrities and especially their messed up lives.  Would you really want someone following you around and reporting to John Q. Public everything you wore on a daily basis, what you ate, who you saw and when each of your bodily functions occurred?  And blowing each of  your teeniest mistakes up to the point of a national emergency.  Yes, some of the celebs make very big mistakes.  Duh! We’re all human.  Some ordinary people make bigger mistakes that that.  I’m specifically thinking about the Wisconsin couple who taught/forced their three year old to inhale the smoke while they were using marijuana.  Suddenly the latest celebrity hissy fit doesn’t seem like such a big deal, does it.


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