Thank you so much for all the prayers you have sent our way!  DS is over whatever bug he had and is back at school today.   He’s looking forward to lunch, recess and gym 🙂 

My MIL is home, with her doctor’s approval, until Sunday.  Her white cells are now 100% donor cells.  This means that now the doctors will start watching for rejection symptoms.  The doctors were also able to give her some steroid treatments to help her get strength back in her body after the arduous cancer treatment regimen.  She is off the steroids now and has lost some strength but is feeling better than before the steroid treatment.

I have figured out how to turn the webpages I like into live links to those sites.  I enjoy learning something new.  Maybe one day, I’ll try to figure out CSS-but not anytime soon.  I have a sweater to finish knitting for DD2 before she grows out of it.

DD2 and DS have their final night of swimming lessons for this session on Monday night.  I can’t begin to describe how happy I am at the thought of not spending two hours every Monday night sitting on metal bleachers with no back support, dehydrating in an overly hot pool area. 

And finally, DH has informed me that I am not at the bottom of the women’s dart stats this week.  I was not up to form last week and being allowed only one dart for the first eight rounds of each game (as an unknown player) didn’t help.  But, another female had a worse night than I did.  So she gets the free drink at this week’s match and I’ll just have to buy my own.  My ego can live with that.


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