Knitting away

Well, I’ve almost finished the second sleeve in DD2’s sweater.  Only about an inch longer and it will be time to put all of the stitches (minus the underarms on a very long circular needle to finish the yoke of the sweater (that’s the upper chest/back and shoulders part to my non-knitting friends).  I will hopefully post some pictures of it soon.  The Malabrigo yarn is so soft and wonderful to work with.  Gotta love merino wool.  And DD2 is certainly appreciative-she practically squealed in delight when she saw the color (Intenso).  I practically squealed when I saw the price (only $10.50 per skein in Park Rapids when my own LYS was still selling it for $28.00 to $30.00 per skein)  In defense of my LYS, they have now dropped the price to $11.00 per skein and their landlord is a bit high priced with the building rental.  Who can stay mad at a yarn shop anyway?  There’s just too much beautiful fiber there. 


Well, DS wants the computer so he can play Webkinz, which he hasn’t done in several weeks.  And I have to get ready to pick DD2 up from her sleepover so we can deliver cookies to our wonderful neighbors.  And I say that with true feeling because they really have been wonderful, ordering loads of Girl Scout cookies even with the tough economy.  Our neighbors really support Scouting.  I love living here.


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