Lookie Cookie-It’s almost a sweater

I have finally joined the sleeves to the body.  Bless dear EZ’s heart for making me do the thinking on how to get those sleeves attached.  I know, it shouldn’t have been that big a deal, but my first attempt to join the first sleeve resulted in the sleeve underarm not matching up with the body underarm.  Go figure.  I had to figure out what went wrong (relied to heavily on the circular properties of the needle and just hoped it came out right) and then I had to fix it (ran the left needle through half the stitches and the right needle through the other half-sounds weird but I think that was what worked, it was after midnight by this point and we lost an hour of sleep due to daylight savings time so things are a bit fuzzy today.)  To top if off, today I took pictures of the almost sweater and when I went to get the cable to transfer pics to ‘puter, I found out that DH has a large supply of cables.  Not a one labled of course, since he “knows” which are which and why would “anyone” (ie: me) ever need to do something computerish without his help.  OY!  The first cable I tried did nothing but frustrate me greatly.  The second cable, however proved to be the right one and immediately after getting pics on ‘puter, I grabbed my Dymo label maker and labled it not once but twice in the hope that one of those labels will stick to the thing at least until the next time I need it.  So, with much sighing, here’s the best picture of DD2’s almost sweater.

Sleeves joined to body.  Underarm stitches on holders.

Sleeves joined to body. Underarm stitches on holders.

Yes, there are bunches of strings.  Sorry about that.  I weave my ends in at the end, sort of a “thank God I’m done” moment.  Also, the sleeves are ribbed excessively to allow for a ten year old’s constant growth and the fact that spring is almost here and sweater weather is/should be pretty much behind us.  I knit the body big as well so she should be able to wear it for several years.  If she goes off to college in it, then it certainly was well worth the time.

Enjoy your day and happy knitting.


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