Back So Soon?

Oh, yuck.  DS is ill again.  No throwing up this time, just a fever of 102.1F with sniifles and a sore throat.  I’ll be taking him to the doctor this afternoon to (hopefully) rule out strep throat.  If he just has the fever, then I can just dose him with Tylenol until it breaks.  At least this time he is able to keep food down and has had two glasses of Kool-Aid and a bowl of cereal.  He is happily ensconced upstairs watching tv (at least as happily as possible).  He is also a bit bummed out about probably having to miss his final swimming lesson.  That’s quite a change from last year when he didn’t like swimming, or water in general.


I will attempt to work on the almost sweater again today.  Got some more done yesterday as I watched the last hour and a half of The Celebrity Apprentice.  I enjoy watching contestants trying to win their task and groaning when they make what seem to me to be obvious mistakes.  For example:  last night, Scott Hamilton (the figure skater) got the boot for not branding the character in the ad they created for  He insisted, above the objections of the team member who was really getting his goat(Tom Greene), that the female character be called EEE.  Scott said that her name stood for Everything, Everytime, Everywhere.  Not bad Scott, but how about ZEEE which could have stood for Everything, Everytime, Everywhere.  Such a simple fix – that was never done and so their team lost to the women’s team.  The women’s team has some real issues going on.  Melissa Rivers took credit for an idea that wasn’t hers and finally got corrected by Khloe Kardashian (their project manager) in the board room.  That was a gutsy move and I’m glad Khloe made it.  It will be interesting to see how long the younger Ms. Rivers remains in the game, as well as the female poker player-she was just bitchy to the others, when they lose their first task. 


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