In it for the long haul

Well, DS is still home today.  He’s not quite as warm as yesterday, but until he can keep his temperature below at least 100F for a minimum of 24 hours, he can’t go back to school.  He’s being “little buddy sunshine” about it, regaling me with jokes from the PBS kids shows.  I am probably more bummed than he is about the staying home part of the illness.  His class is going on a field trip to the art museum today and he likes field trips, even to places that most kids find boring.  He is Little Mister Discovery.  He always enjoys outings more if he can find out something new.  And if it entails battles, suits of armor, masks and that sort of thing, all the better.

I stopped to speak with his teacher and pick up his homework while picking DD2 up from school yesterday.  DS’ class had gotten a visit from “The Plant Mobile”, an educational extension service of our local arboretum, so his teacher gave me the mother of many cactus that she had gotten for him.  He was absolutely thrilled at the little plant.  Right now, the plant is so tiny that it resembles the soil bits near it.  We’ll have to see how this one does with our family as I do not have a green thumb and can generally kill any plant that can not stand to be ignored.  In our favor, however, is the fact that DD2’s jade plant (from same plant mobile, different year) is still thriving.  DH took over the care of that and has repotted the thing into a rather large floor pot now.  Maybe DH is up to having another plant to take care of too.  As for me, I’ll stick to raising kids-they can be ignored, most of the time.

Time to go see if DS wants lunch.


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