Well, whadaya know?

Oh, for the love of pete!  DS really does have strep.  The doctor’s office called me at noon today and said “Yes Mrs. B, J’s tested positive for strep.”  Oh no, I said.  “Oh, is he back in school today?” they said.  No, I said, his temp wasn’t down below 100F until 1 pm yesterday, so I didn’t send him to school today.  Aren’t they lucky!  We didn’t end up sending any other business their way.

So, a phone call to the school nurse to let her know that DS will be out tomorrow as well and that he is positive for strep.  Because he was home since Friday afternoon, I don’t think any of the other moms have to worry that he infected their kid, but I told her about the strep anyway.  She asked if I had taken him again to get tested and I explained that No, they just called me back regarding the results of the test he had on Monday.  She said that she’d let any of the other moms know to call the clinic if they don’t hear anything that first day.  Good idea, I say!

The rest of the day went better.  DD1 went for an interview this morning and was called this afternoon to be told she got the job.  She’s cleaning rooms at a local hotel, but at least she now has an income to pay her bills.  She starts on St. Patrick’s Day-we’ll have to say an extra prayer of thanks to him and probably one to St. Jude as well, because I was really beginning to think a job for her was a lost cause.  I managed to get some errands run this afternoon, since I had to be out to pick up DS’ prescription.  Forgot my extra $12.00 in coupons for Cub though.  That wasn’t so great.  I hope next week’s advertisement has some good deals in it so I can use the coupons before they expire.  And I got the laundry sorted.  Now I just have to get uniform pants washed and dried for DD2.  I wish that child would tell me when she’s running low on something.

Just an afterthought, I should probably go in tomorrow and have them do a strep test on me since I’ve been home with DS for three days now.  Oh, joy!  I hope my results come back a lot quicker!

Hope everyone’s healthy at your house.


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  1. shoestringalley
    Mar 12, 2009 @ 15:21:10

    Hello FC! Can I add you to my blogroll?

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