Are they breeding?

First off today, my rant. 

How can a man have 4 empty clothes hangers and 7 shirts in the wash that all need to be hung up?  Is it the cold water in the washing machine or the nice warm air in the dryer that is causing them to breed like rabbits?  Honestly, if DH doesn’t stop buying shirts I will go through his closet with a bag for Goodwill.  He’s a bigger clothes horse than I am-it’s downright embarassing.  And he probably has more shoes too!

The knitting is coming along on DD2’s sweater.  I’ve done the first decrease in the yoke and am getting closer to the second decrease.  I may have this thing done before the last snowstorm of March.  March came in like a lamb here if you ask me, so I think we’re in for one more good snowstorm before spring finally arrives.  I do not want another batch of snow, but I’m a realist.  When one lives in the frigid north, spring can never arrive soon enough.  Bring on that global warming! Please.

Both of the younger kids are in school today.  DS’ teacher spoke with me yesterday and said the class really misses him.  DD1 helped out at recess and said that one of his classmates asked her when he would be coming back.  He is very glad to be back in school today too.  He was actually getting tired of his long break with me (and having homework).  I’m glad he’s back in school too.  Now I can get some real cleaning done.


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