Good golly miz molly!

Well, DS is on the mend and so am I.  Or at least, I think I am.  My cough was just a dry cough when I went to urgent care on Friday night, but my hips and knees were in major pain.  The doctor decided that yes, I had strep also and had probably left off being treated for it a bit too long.  Well, after four doses (two days worth) of antibiotics, my cough is now quite productive.  In fact, if I don’t  cough up a lung or two along with my heart, liver, spleen and an assortment of other innards – well, I’ll be quite amazed!  And the headache and nasal congestion are worse now too.

It’s interesting too, that I have to ask my family to do things when I am ill.  As I was lying in bed trying not to cough up a lung yesterday, it occurred to me (and only me) that the clock said 5:36pm.  We generally eat supper around 6:00pm.  No pots were clanging, there was a complete dearth of noise from the kitchen area (although plenty of noise from the garage and basement).  No one had started supper.  Since we have young children who need to eat on a somewhat regular basis, I dragged myself out of bed and down to the kitchen.  With a stop at the bathroom to wash my hands and grab more Kleenex.  I put a pot of water on to boil, grabbed spaghetti and sauce out of the cupboard and some precooked ground beef out of the freezer.  Now, mind you, I hadn’t planned on cooking supper and figured that they would know what they wanted to eat so this was a slap dash affair.  All in full view of DD1 (who is 22 yrs old).  She never lifted a finger to help, not even when I started coughing (don’t worry, I turned away from the stove so as not to contaminate the food).  There wasn’t even a glimmer of recognition from her that it might be time to set the table when I drained the spaghetti and put olive oil on it.  At this point, I slapped the pots on the table and told her that if she wanted to eat while the food was hot, she’d better get started.  I then dragged myself back to bed, stopping at the garage long enough to tell DH that supper was on the table.  Unbelievable!  And they actually had the nerve to interupt me trying to get some sleep to ask if I was going to eat or not.  Do they really think I’d be up in the bedroom if I wanted food?  Then, after DH finished eating, he asked me (on his way back to the garage) if I had made supper, my aswer was a short Yes although I wanted to just say “Duh” and why didn’t I “ask” him or DD1 to cook if I was that sick.  I find it hard to believe that they are that oblivious to everything but themselves.  When they are ill, I ask them if I can get them anything, a cup of tea, a piece of toast, etc.  When I am ill, I can’t even get them to ask if I would like some water to soothe my throat since they’ve heard me coughing for quite awhile.

So, I’m ill and stewing.  Hope your weekend is going better than mine.


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  1. shoestringalley
    Mar 16, 2009 @ 16:27:29

    Poor you – I hope you’re feeling better soon 🙂

  2. thefrenchchick
    Mar 18, 2009 @ 20:47:35

    Thank you. The antibiotics seem to be doing their stuff. Only five more days of this, thank God.

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