Apprentice update, part 2

Well, Tom Green, the comedian, was fired last night.  He was a lousy project manager.  In fact, he didn’t even manage his team at all.  He told them to raise money and then basically left them alone.   Tom Green didn’t even call his contacts to raise money for the project, in spite of the fact that IF his team had won the task, his charity would benefit by a huge donation by Donald Trump!  That was stupid, stupid, stupid.

Dennis Rodman needs to be the next one fired.  He went out on the street to supposedly raise awareness that their team was going to be selling wedding dresses at their location the next day.  Instead, he ordered multiple “adult beverages”, flirted with women (who should, quite frankly, be smarter than that), called a hooker for the evening and then didn’t show up for work the next day (due, he said, to an allergic reaction to cats, Uh Huh-sure).  Green also sent Herschel Walker out with Dennis Rodman to “work the streets”.  Herschel Walker has got to be the quietest celebrity on the planet.  He isn’t about to stand up to Dennis Rodman on camera.  It isn’t in Herschel’s blood to cause a scene, especially in public.  Jesse James might have been a better chaperone for Dennis, but he would have probably gotten told off by Rodman if he had said anything negative about what happened too.

The women’s team was lead by Brandy this week.  She did a good job of leading her team.  Her one fault was – worrying.  My advice to her would be to do the best you can and don’t worry.  Worry is not productive, it paralyzes people and they do not take needed action.  One can be concerned about some aspect of a task.  Once a concern is identified, take steps to create an action plan to deal with the concern.  That’s how one should deal with a problem, not with worry.  Congratulations to Brandy on winning a whopping sum of money for her charity.  Those kids are blessed to have her working for them.


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