And in further news. . .

The antibiotics I had to take for strep are now done!  I feel so much better, not the least of which is that no one else got sick!  The other part of feeling better is not having to swallow a pill that is larger than the multivitamin I occasionally remember to take (the funny part of that is that the vitamin also contains ginko – for memory – go ahead and laugh, I do).

The kids have been getting along very well this week considering that we have had rain most days, but that’s supposed to turn into snow tonight so I guess we don’t quite have “spring” break, do we.  Oh for some beautiful flowers, I might have to go buy a bouquet or blooming plant.  This winter has held on way too long.

DH called tonight to say that he was going over to the hospice to visit his mom and dad.  My MIL has been allowed to go home for a few days each weekend for the past three weekends.  This is a good thing as she is probably getting very antsy about going home for good and being able to get a small taste of home is better than none at all.  Anyway, when he called, I asked if he remembered to take the Girl Scout cookies and Cub Scout popcorn with him so they would finally be delivered.  “No” he said, “but I figured we could just leave early on Thursday and drop them off at the house so mom and dad can enjoy them at home.”  Now this was worth quoting for two reasons, one-he fully expects that his mom will be allowed to come home for the weekend again, and two-the man has decided that I am going along with him to darts this week.  I hadn’t planned to, he usually makes such a big deal out of asking me “if I want to go”, but since he’s assuming then I’ll go.  Which means I’d better get the house work done-I hate having to deal with any of it on Friday.

As Tigger would say: TTFN-ta ta for now.


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