Oops! Here’s the update. . .

I forgot to post my weekly update about the Celebrity Apprentice.  Chalk it up to having all three kids at home this week.  Makes the mind weak.  I’ll be able to get out of the house tomorrow, dental appointments count.  That should help me shake off the mental fuzzies.

Well, the women were handed their first loss on Sunday.  Not too surprising since Claudia was their project manager.  Her first comment about becoming project manager was (paraphrased); I want to be the project manager on this task because I’m good at managing people.  Being project manager involves many things and being able to tell people what to do (ie: bossing them around) does not guarantee a successful outcome to the project.  And generally, when people have to say they’re good at managing people, they’re not really that good at it.  Claudia managed to alienate members of her team, pissed off Melissa Rivers and made fun of the way Melissa speaks while in the van with two of her other team members – talk about a middle school/junior high flashback.  I thought people were supposed to grow up when they became rich and famous, what an eye opener!

The guys did very well on their task, despite the fact that Brian didn’t want to accept Dennis back into the fold after he stormed out of the initial meeting.  Had the men lost, that would have been enough to get Brian fired by Mr. Trump.  Donald Trump does not suffer long the people who are unable to get over their personal issues and get back to working together.  That was a big part of the reason he fired Claudia.

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