Another new day

Well, the robins are serenading me outside my window today in spite of the load of fluffy white stuff we got April 1st.  Yesterday, I got the laundry sorted and begun.  I ran some errands and delivered my contribution (beverages) to the teacher’s dinner.  During school conferences, my prayer group brings dinner in for the teachers on one of the two nights and our home & school group does the other night.  I also need to pop by the school and find out what time DS has gym class and which days.  His gym teacher has asked for some parents to help with the rollerskating unit that the kids are doing over the next two-three weeks.  I helped last year when they were kindergarteners.  It’s neat to see how much they progress in such a short time (they only have gym class two days each week, so the unit will total 4-6 lessons).

And then there is darts on Thursday night.  Last week, we found out that one of the teams has definitely dropped out.  Since this now makes the roster of teams uneven, a new team was formed.  And I am one of the members.  I find this humorous since it has been about 14-16 years since I have thrown darts in league play, but they were a bit desperate and I enjoy the game so I agreed.  The other three players are kind and understanding so that helps and we agreed that our team is just in it for the fun and a night out so that takes the pressure off.

I initially was going to post this yesterday, but due to the frantic schedule above and some additional errands, it didn’t happen.  So to update, everything but the stop at DS’ school happened.  I even got three loads of laundry through the washer and dryer.  And, I had my best score so far in darts.  I averaged a 1.87 marks per round.  This should at least keep me out of the “caboose” position on this weeks stats.  I didn’t mind the free drink on Thursday night though.  When you’re in last place, the bar buys you a drink.  I suppose you can either use it to drown you sorrows or relax and play a better game.

Well, gotta go.  Donating blood today.


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