Is it Monday already?

Wow, busy weekend.  It was hard to get to stop and smell the roses.  Let’s see, where to begin. . . those of you looking for the update on Celebrity Apprentice can skip to the bottom of this post.

DH & I took the two younger kids to the science museum on Saturday.  The science museum was doing Nano Day with extra activities about nano science.  It was alot of fun.  At the ticket window, I decided to buy a membership to the museum rather than the usual admission.   The membership allows members free admission to the exhibits and to view one Imax movie in the Omnitheater free each day.  This movie bonus will be great for DH & the kids.  All that motion and sweeping aerial views make me sick to my stomach.  I’ll bring my knitting and meet them in the cafe area for an after show snack instead.  Now, to make the membership pay for itself, all we have to do is go to the museum one more time.  Don’t even need to go to a movie.  Since the membership is good for one year from the date of purchase, we have free admission through next winter.  This will be a great way to combat cabin fever in the Great White Frozen North and not bad for the rainy days either.  DD2 and DS really enjoyed the movie and the exhibits so it won’t be hard to get them to go back again.  We also want to attend the Flint Hills International Children’s Festival later this year (it’s full of free & low cost activities specifically geared toward art, music & kids).  The festival is put on close to the science museum so if the kids are bored at the festival, want to stay in the area longer, or just run through the activities faster than planned; we can go over to the science museum for a quick visit.

Then on Sunday after church, we went to visit with my in-laws.  The kids haven’t seen their grandparents in awhile, so it was nice to have a chance to visit.  My MIL was home for the weekend and that was good.  She is gradually getting her strength back and hasn’t had symptoms of the graft vs. host disease yet.  Those symptoms can occur up to one year after the transplant and she said her doctors don’t seem concerned yet, so we won’t worry either.  She was on anti rejection medicine but the doctors have taken her off  that since it was harming her kidneys.  Since bone marrow tranplantation isn’t as invasive a procedure as a heart or kidney transplant, she would have come off the anti rejection drugs at some point anyway.  After we got back home, I made supper.  Since I have been falling behind on creating my monthly menus, I had nothing thawed or even planned, in my defense-I didn’t know how long we would be visiting at the in-laws either.  So I decided to make homemade pizza.  I haven’t done this in a long time, relying instead on the grocery store sale flyers to clue me in on which brand of frozen pizza was on sale that week.  DH & the kids really missed my homemade pizza-they all actually commented on how good it was and DD2 said she had almost forgotten how good it tasted.  LOL, guess I’ll have to add making some pizza crust for the freezer to my next cooking session.

I’ll be having Easter here with my parents later this month.  I need time for a good spring cleaning of the house as well as time to grocery shop for the food.  The menu:  Ham, party potatoes, peas, creamy coleslaw, spinach salad, bread, lemon meringue pie.  Lemon meringue pie is one of my favorite spring/summer desserts and I’ve been craving a bit of sunshine lately so I’m skipping the Easter cake and going with pie instead.

Okay, for the folks patiently trying to find the Apprentice update, here it is.  This post was getting long anyway and I have birthday shopping to complete before Easter Sunday.

This week contained a revison of the teams and a double firing.  The members of each team are now:  Kotu:  Clint Black, Herschel Walker, Joan Rivers, Natalie Gulbis and Khloe Kardashian.  Athena:  Jesse James, Melissa Rivers, Annie Duke, Brande Roderick and Tionne (T-Boz) Watkins.  Since I missed the opening of the show, due to reading DS a bedtime story, I do not know which team Brian McKnight will be on since he was absent from this week’s task.

Neither team won the task-the executives from All Laundry Detergent didn’t like either video.  They said that they wanted a “viral” internet video, one that would be passed on from person to person, but they were incredibly conservative about what they thought was appropriate for said video.  They also stated that their target demographic was women age 25 and over with kids.  I’m definitely in the “over” category & have kids so I would guess that I’m part of that demographic.

Kotu’s video focused on sexual innuendo and masterbation.  Clint Black acted in the video since the little person they hired wasn’t working out in the part.  Their video really offended the exec’s.  Athena’s video was funnier with Jesse James being “laundered” by little people.  Athena used the term midgets in their video title and had the little people swear and stalk off the set at the end of the video, so they also lost the task.  The All executives didn’t seem to understand that most videos that get passed around on the internet do offend some people-that’s why they’re passed around.  Personally, I wasn’t offended by the Athena video.  I would have asked them to delete the swearing at the end and the stalking off the set simply because it doesn’t portray the product in a good light.  The Kotu video was crap IMO.  I liked Herschel Walker’s comment “I think Clint just misses his wife”.  LOL! That had to be the best comment made by a contestant to date.

Mr. Trump asked both project managers, Clint Black for Kotu and Melissa Rivers for Athena to pick two of their teammates to return with them to the boardroom where he would then do a double firing.  Clint had been arguing with Joan Rivers throughout the task but picked Natalie & Khloe to accompany him back to the boardroom.  Melissa told Mr. Trump that her team had discussed this earlier as a hedge in case they didn’t win the task because she felt that the whole team did exceptionally well on the task.  Tionne volunteered to come back in with Melissa who then chose Brande as the other person.  Outside the boardroom, both project managers tried to explain to their two team members that they would be the ones fired since they were the ones ultimately responsible for the loss.  Khloe didn’t believe that for an instant and told Clint that (paraphrased) this is Donald Trump, he’ll do whatever he wants to do. When the six were sent back into the boardroom, Mr. Trump turned to Athena first and asked Tionne if she had ever heard of Bradford.  Bradford was a contestant on The Apprentice-Season Six who volunteered to go back into the boardroom with his project manager-he was fired.  Trump fired Tionne as well with the words “Never volunteer for execution”.  It was a stupid thing to do.  At least her charity received $20K from her win as project manager last week.  Then Mr. Trump turned to Kotu.  At this point, Clint Black looked white as a ghost and probably regretted bringing anyone back with him.  Mr. Trump spoke with Clint and Natalie first, then asked Khloe why she was absent for most of last week’s task.  Khloe had been back in California to take court ordered classes as a result of her conviction for DUI.  Mr. Trump said that he has personally known three families of DUI victims, that he is proud of all the mothers campaigning against drunk driving and that he can not condone driving under the influence in anyone.  Mr. Trump also said that if he had known this before, Khloe would have never been allowed to be a contestant on his show.  Khloe, you’re fired.

Khloe commented in the car that she hadn’t wanted the DUI to be the main reason people remember her and that she is trying to make amends for her DUI, through her classes and her chosen charity.  Let’s hope that she is helped by those classes and continues to work with her chosen charity to educate people that drinking and driving don’t mix.

Whew, after this marathon post, I’m going shopping.  Have a nice day.


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