Will it ever stop?

Life has been moving at a very fast clip lately.  It seems like I have all I can do to get the daily stuff done and my parents are coming over on Sunday to celebrate Easter with us.  This would be fine if my dad wasn’t so anal about a spotlessly clean house.  I have kids people!  There is no such thing as spotless around here, just more spots and less spots, more clutter and less clutter.  I even have the stupid curtain from the bathroom in the wash now.  If I make it through this weekend without blowing up (cause that would certainly put my cleaning spree back a couple days lol), I’ll have to have a party before the place goes back to looking like it does today.

Oh well, back to the grind.

Oh, a note on The Celebrity Apprentice.  Both Natalie and Hershel were fired last Sunday.  Natalie for picking jewelry that could not be seen from the back of the room.  Hershel for picking an entree that had been done to death (chicken) and a dessert that was too complicated for the Schwans people to market.  Next week ought to be interesting, they’re down to six contestants.


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