For those of you looking for a peaceful, calm entry-you’ll have to try back tomorrow.  I’m in a rant & rave mood today!  The thing that got this all started is this:  Someone I interact with on a very occasional basis actually thinks that homosexuality is a choice that a “confused” hormonal teen might make if they aren’t led down the right path to heterosexuality.

Why would any teen (who is only trying to fit in with their popular peers) choose to be maligned, hated, vilified and attacked?  Answer-they wouldn’t!  No one wants to be hurt and hated by the majority of their peers.  Many teens would say that they are repelled by peers & others that they know who are homosexual.  Teens will tease and bait other teens by calling them gay.  Homosexuality is an inclination not a choice.  No one, no matter how “confused” they are would choose to be homosexual.  There is just too much for a teen to lose for them to make that “choice”.

I am amazed that this individual couldn’t see past their own fear and continues promoting a view that is not supported by data in any way.  And to continue spreading that fear to others is just unconscionable!  There was another person with us that day.  That person is in the medical field and that makes their agreement to this “choice” theory even more astounding.

I’ve seen people who have said that they knew that they were homosexual when they were 5 years old.  How many 5 year olds even have a clue about sex?  Most at that age are pressed to tell you that their new baby brother/sister came out of their mom’s tummy!  5 year olds don’t care about sexual needs/desires, they’re more concerned about what they will have for a snack after school.

Another point for my case:  Just because teens experiment with drugs, alcohol or smoking; it doesn’t mean that they will experiment with genders of sex partners.  Oh! I just don’t understand how this individual’s brain comes up with these things!

Well, I’m falling asleep at my computer due to the stresses of the day today.  I’ll try to be perky tomorrow.  Good Night.


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