Another Rant

Boy, am I getting good at these.  To those of you looking for the sweeter side of me, she’ll be back after this commercial break.  ‘Cause somedays you just gotta let it out before you explode.

When will people learn!  Just had a lovely (har har) discussion about a particular  issue.  Some folks believe that all alcohol consumption is wrong.  Their pat excuse is that “I grew up with an alcoholic in my family”.  Well, big fat hairy deal, so did I and it was my dad.  Yet it didn’t turn me into Carrie Nation! 

When will people learn that it’s the person, not their drug of choice that is the problem (no, I’m not advocating making all drugs legal-we have enough problems as it is).  People who have traits that predispose them to abuses (of whatever variety) are generally the ones who shouldn’t be drinking alcohol.  Yes, this is a highly general statement.  Those traits might be psychological-how they reacted to bullying among their peers, how insecure they are in their own self image, among other things. 

The point is that some people will become alcoholics and some won’t.  I believe the vast majority of people don’t.  And I don’t believe that people who overindulge once a year are alcoholics.  Growing up with an alcoholic apparently inspires fear in some people.  But it can also inspire strength and insight if one tries to understand the underlying causes, rather than dwelling on how scared and powerless someone’s alcoholism made us feel.


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  1. shoestringalley
    May 01, 2009 @ 12:35:56

    Hello FC. I’ve tagged you in a meme (see my post today for details) for a bit of fun.

    Hope you ahve a good weekend!

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