I missed it!

Had my parents over on Sunday and in my post visit de-stress mode, I missed The Celebrity Apprentice.  Dang!  It was apparently a really good episode according to Regis & Kelly on their Monday show.  Why was I watching Regis & Kelly?  Well, the house was clean (because of my parent’s visit) and there was nothing else to do (laundry does not count!).  According to the call Regis made to Donald Trump, Melissa Rivers was fired and Joan Rivers, being a loyal mother, quit the show.  If my computer wasn’t so slow at downloading video, I’d go over to nbc.com and watch the show online.


In other news, my calendar just gets busier.  DD1 will be attending the ACES conference in Mpls this week and I, lucky me, get to drive her in to downtown Mpls each day of the three day event (and pick her up too, woo hoo).  In a nutshell, I do not like traffic and I feel very vulnerable when driving our car among drivers in SUV’s and other large vehicles-there are a ridiculous number of Hummer’s around here.  But semi tractor trailers do not scare me.  I’m actually quite calm when driving near them, maybe because those individuals are professional drivers, know their route and actually plan ahead to be in the lane they need well before the last possible second.  All in all, I wish we had our new-to-us minivan before Thursday.

On Friday, after I get back from the traffic in downtown Mpls, I will be helping with our school’s Kindergarten screening.  Since the Kindergarten classes are both full, this will be a long day.  But fun too.  I get to check the kids proficiency with scissors.  Wait a minute, did I say fun?!  Well, at least these are safety scissors and they are only allowed to cut the paper in front of them.  On Saturday, after we drop off DD1, DH & I are taking the kids to the Science Museum for the day.

Hoping your week is slow and sunny.  Ciao.


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