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We took the kids to the Mpls Institute of Art as well as to the Science Museum last Saturday. 

Since the MIA didn’t open until 10 a.m., we decided to go to the Science Museum first.   I couldn’t decide on knitting  to bring while they watched the Omnitheater movie, so I shopped the gift shop instead.  Got a book about Orienteering from a clearance table for just $4.50.  I also found a book about kid’s questions regarding the Grand Canyon (that was the movie they were seeing) and one of MN day trips by theme so that we can have some new ideas of places to visit nearby.  With the 10 percent discount (thanks to our membership) it was a very nice way to pass the time.  The three of them actually left the movie early (after arriving late) because DD2 was feeling ill from all the motion.  IMAX movies always do the motion simulation photography and it was too soon after leaving the car for her stomach to handle it.  Next time, I’ll make them wait for a later show because she didn’t have trouble when we saw Lewis & Clark at an afternoon show. 

The kids love being at the Science Museum, so I wasn’t too surprised that DS didn’t want to leave for the MIA (“a boring museum where you can’t touch anything”-in his words).  The MIA was having a special exhibit of art work recreated using floral design.  Their Art in Bloom presentation is very short lived due to the fresh cut flowers being used so we needed to go on Saturday if we were going to go at all.  DD2 & I enjoyed the trip, DH & DS were happy to leave.  Too bad we didn’t know about all the family stuff they had going on that day as well, it probably would have helped DS get into the spirit a bit more.  He did enjoy the interactive computer learning stations situated throughout the galleries though.  Whenever I thought they were lost (yes, it did happen twice), DH & I just had to find the nearest computer and there they both were (gotta love the buddy system) playing away.

And the moral of this story is:  Don’t be afraid to take your kids anywhere.  They might not always enjoy it.  They will, however, learn from it.

On another note, my knitting & crocheting has been quite prolific lately.  I have completed two hats & two headbands to donate to the Yarn Garage as part of their headwear for the homeless campaign.  I have also just about completed a moebius scarf for DD2, just need to add the contrasting I-cord border.  I still need to weave one underarm of her sweater (see how I hate to sew knits).  I also finished a crocheted wrap in just 8 hours.  I had some yarn that I had purchased from a clearance bin at my local yarn store thinking that since they had so much of it, I would just go back and get more when I figured out what I wanted to make from it.  Oops!  Went back just 1 month later and it was all gone!  So what to make with four balls of yarn, a shoulder wrap.  It’s a continuous circle of double crochet stitches that reaches from my shoulders to my elbow.  Nothing fancy, just plain double crochet that allows the varigations in the yarn to come forward.  I have just over 7 yards of yarn left, so I will try to use it up in some sort of knitted flower & leaf combo that I can pin to the wrap to dress it up a bit.

Enjoy your day.


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