Well, I didn’t see that coming

Okay, a quick Celebrity Apprentice update.  Joan came back!  I honestly didn’t think she would, but she did.  She, Clint Black & Jesse James worked together on last night’s task, an updated jingle and 30 second radio commercial for Chicken of the Sea tuna.  Yes, they do have other fish products, but I remember them for canned tuna.  And even after hearing the jingle my whole life, I can still sing it without getting sick of it. 

Annie and Brandi were the entire other team (there were only five contestants left).  Annie and Brandi pulled off the win-yep, beat Clint Black at writing a jingle.  Amazing.  Even Clint complimented them on their jingle.  Clint’s team had the usual in fighting.  Joan always tries to make things funny.  She wanted to say Cluck, Cluck, Splash after the jingle to make the executives laugh.  Clint didn’t go for it and Joan felt she was not being used well in the task.  I think Clint’s instincts were right on with that one.  No executive wants to hear someone make fun of their product.  Mr Trump fired Clint because he was the product manager and also for not taking other advice from his team and using it-the team had suggested speeding up the jingle to make it more contemporary, which the execs wanted.  Clint also kiboshed that idea for a more “classic” style.

After the initial boardroom, the final four were called back by Mr. Trump to learn that they would be interviewed by Piers Morgan, the winner of the first Celebrity Apprentice and that two more would be fired that night.  After the interviews, Piers met with Mr. Trump and gave his recommendations.  Mr. Trump, then met with the four and fired Brandi and Jesse.  This leaves Joan and Annie to slug it out in the final task.  In all honesty-my money would be on Annie to win.  Joan has taken Annie’s remarks so personally, that she no longer has the perspective needed to complete a task properly.  Too bad, she and Piers would have been an interesting pair to promote Trump Enterprises.  I’m beginning to wonder if The Donald is matchmaking.  Piers and his three boys, Annie and her four kids-quite the yours, mine (& later ours?) set. Hmm.  Mr. Trump, you softie you.


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