Celebrity Apprentice wrap-up

Well folks, it’s done and gone.  The Celebrity Apprentice warpped up tonight and boy were Joan & Annie ticked at each other.  I’m surprised at Mr. Trump’s choice (okay, not completely, definitely somewhat surprised though).  I guess old friendships die hard.  Mr. Trump made some very telling comments during the show.  The most obvious was when he spoke with Clint Black and said that if he ever received tickets to a Clint Black show, he would go and he would bring Joan as his date.  When he brought Joan and Annie out, Joan was on his left and that was the direction he turned in the previews to say “You’re hired”.  So it should not have come as a surprise that he hired Joan and fired Annie.  Yet it was.

Annie worked hard during the show on each task.  She is very much a person who wants to be in control because she knows that if she does the job, it will get done and done right.  This can be a bad thing, but when Annie acknowledges her teammates and lets them know that they have done a good job, they rally back around her and are willing to work hard for a win.

I didn’t start out liking Annie Duke in this competition.  I didn’t want to like someone who didn’t seem to have the same midwestern values that I have been raised with.  Upon watching the whole show however, I have come to realize that Annie and I are not so different after all.  She believes in hard work, that family should come first, and that if you take care of your friends, your true friends will take care of you.  Since it is highly unlikely that I will take a trip to Vegas (one needs to have money that one is willing to part with in order to enjoy Vegas), I’d just like to say: “Thanks Annie.  It’s been one hell of a ride.”


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