Can I have one more day?

To the long weekend I mean.  DS was ill Thursday night but popped right back up to his normal self on Friday, so we all went to the movies that night and saw Night at the Museum-Battle for the Smithsonian.  It was every bit as good as the first Night at the Museum movie, so go see it.  And don’t leave until you meet the character being called downstairs by his mother in the credits.  It was one last joke for the die hard movie goers I guess.  Can’t tell you now, wouldn’t want to spoil the fun.

On Saturday & Sunday, we worked on projects around the house.  My front flower bed is now just about complete.  I need to buy 5 more bags of river rock and about 4 more plants to finish the thing.  DH tilled the old garden back into being (oh joy) and planted corn, peas and beans.  He did also plant cucumbers, cantalope and watermelon.  He also planted some plants that I was given by my friend Judi.  I forget what they are, but the leaves are an interesting combination of reddish-purple with green undertones.  Rather striking.  I figured that if I had him plant those as a front border to the garden, there would be that much less garden for me to weed.  Might work, we’ll have to wait and see.  The kids helped him with the planting and left me to do my own planting.  I’ll let you draw your own conclusions from that.

On Monday, we participated in our town’s Memorial Day parade.  After the parade, we went to the MN History Center.  The kids had a ball at the activity stations they had set up for Memorial Day.  They each colored a picture to send to the troops overseas, compliments of Operation MN Nice.  They also made & decorated paper pull-along gliders with working wheels.  We saw the new exhibits, Minnesota’s Greatest Generation and Code Talkers, and the rest of the History Center as well.  We left there about 3:30pm and as we were driving out of the parking area, DH asked if we wanted to stop at Como Zoo on the way home, so we did.  We saw all the animals, except of course the polar bears who are having their habitat remodeled and won’t be back until 2010.  I even got some pictures of the poison dart frogs that DS loves to see.  Then home and a bedtime story for DS (about dragons-Jawzahr (a Pershian dragon) &  his favorite, the Knucker).

DD2 is home today with diarhea.  Oh well, at least her weekend is one day longer.  Hopefully only one day longer.


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