Flower Garden is finished!

Yay me!  I finished the flower garden at the front of our house on Saturday.  I now have 4 columbine, 4 dianthus, 2 Johnson’s blue geraniums, 3 Jacob’s ladder, 1 salvia, 1 chamomile, 1 yarrow, several miniature iris, 2 leopard’s bane, 2 bleeding hearts and 1 I have to go back to Menard’s to find out the name-but it’s pretty.  I also placed three pots of annuals in the flower bed and 6 more pots in a plant stand that I got at JoAnn’s Fabric & Craft store a few years ago for 75% off.  I bought the paint for it back when the house had gray siding and thought the sage green paint would look good with the gray.  We had a hail storm a couple years ago and since the insurance company couldn’t match the gray, we got new siding on the whole house and chose a new color (sage green).  Oh well, maybe someday I’ll get adventurous and repaint the plant stand-kind of blends in right now, but at least it’s functional.  I also have three pots of thyme, not about to put that down in the garden, I’d end up with thyme all over the yard-the stuff runs rampant around here, worse than dandelions.  Here are some pictures of my lovely accomplishment.

Full view of the garden

Full view of the garden

The infamous "Don't know what it is but I got it for free" plant

The infamous "Don't know what it is but I got it for free" plant


A big thank you to my friend Judi for the chamomile, yarrow, irises and the I don’t know what it is but it’s pretty plant.  I will find out what that is and put its name in my garden journal at some point.

Enjoy your week.


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