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Wow, where to start.  The blood donation appointment went well last Tuesday.  It always amazes me when the person drawing the blood says “This is the part where I put in the needle so you can look away if you like.”  I’ve done this enough times to have a four gallon pin, so what in blazes makes them think that I might be afraid of needles?  The finger poke to check my iron actually hurts worse (there are more nerve endings in your fingertip than in your elbow).  And I’m actually pretty close to that five gallon pin.  Darn them and their carrots! Just kidding, actually I’m just in it for the Fig Newtons 🙂  No one else in the family likes them except me so I go and donate blood every 56 days and get my Newton fix.  Keeps me from putting on more weight cause I’d eat the whole package of Newtons if I had them at home.

We went camping up north this past weekend with some of our friends.  We had a great time.  BooBoo was looking forward to this trip for weeks, he even wrote about it in his journal for school.  Papa Bear and the two youngest got to go fishing.  The other ladies and I went in to town for some shopping (and a little buying).  We stopped at the local grocery store and found gigantic marshmallows.  These things were four times the size of regular marshmallows!  So of course we had to buy them.  BooBoo’s eyes just about bugged out of his head when he saw them.  I thought for sure he would do a little happy dance but he managed to control his reaction :).  I also found a new game for us to play either at home or when we camp and a lovely pair of Minnetonka Moccasins that don’t hurt my feet the way the Target ones do.  And believe me, I wore them all over camp the rest of the weekend.  I love slip on shoes!  My kids are way too fast for me to have time to tie laces or mess with buckles or velcro.

I had watched the weather reports for that area before we went and the prediction was for lows around 38 degrees (Farenheit) and highs around 58 degrees.  So we packed our warmer clothes and I bought fleece sleeping bags to line our regular bags for extra warmth.  Between those and the wind break provided by a friend’s camper trailer, we were actually quite comfy in our tent.  When we got up to the campground, another friend informed us that we were in for lows around 34 degrees and high temps not much past the mid 50’s.  He was probably right as there was frost on our picnic table cover when we got up Saturday morning, but the tent was nice and cozy.  And we all appreciated the nice roaring campfire each night.  Even with those temps, the adults stayed up around the campfire until about midnight, talking and joking around.  One nice thing about the weather, it kept the mosquitos in hibernation.  We didn’t have to slap one all weekend-almost didn’t seem like a Minnesota camping trip without them, lol.

We got back home on Sunday afternoon, tired, but amazingly relaxed.  Quite frankly, I’m ready to do it all again . . . . . . especially since this weekend’s weather report is for highs in the upper 70’s to low 80’s 🙂  Haha, bet you thought I’d lost my mind didn’t you?  Nope, still as firmly there as it ever was.

The kids and I went to buy a flute for Ditty today.  She has taken it into her head that she wants to play the flute like one of her friends.  This will be interesting since said friend will not be back at the same school next year.  We’re renting the flute for the time being and she will get lessons this summer from another mom who has a child at her school.  I do actually hope she keeps on with it after she finds out that her friend isn’t there anymore.  I’d like my kids to have some musical background to them, even if it’s just for fun or to help them appreciate what performers have to go through to be good enough to perform.  Personally, I wouldn’t mind taking up the harp myself.  Odd isn’t it, I mean, I’m such a rock and roll mom but I’d like to play the harp.  Oh well, sometimes I even confuse myself.  Ditty had a hard time keeping the case shut today.  She even asked me twice if I’d called the other mom to find out when she could start her lessons (twice in about a 15 minute time period).  She’s excited and enthusiastic-let’s hope it lasts.

BooBoo got two hits during his baseball game and got on base both times.  He also struck out once but not for lack of trying.  Baseball at his age is coach pitch so at least he is getting some fairly consistent pitches.  He needs to work on his throwing and catching.  He tries really hard and he does like this game better than soccer.  We tried soccer when he was 4 and 5 years old, it just wasn’t his thing-so, on to baseball.

Well, it’s getting late, so I’m off to bed.  I still have some catching up (on sleep) to do from this weekend.


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