Walking the route

BooBoo & I walked the parade route of our local parade last Saturday with the Cub Scouts.  I found out afterward that our local parade route is three miles long.  That didn’t include the roundabout way we took to get back to the church parking lot to meet up with the other Cub Scout parents.  Way to start off my walking program and work off the chinese food I ate at the buffet before we watched the Spas Tag parade earlier Saturday afternoon (and the quick trip to McDonald’s when we realized that cooking and eating at home would make us all late for our local parade).  BooBoo did a great job walking the route.  He had loads of fun passing out candy to the kids along the route.  He didn’t even want to get back on the wagon when they ran out of candy and so he walked  about 98% of the route.  He was not thrilled about having to walk back to the Valvoline station where I parked the van though.  Mainly because he wanted to get even more tuckered out at the carnival rides first.  I told him we’d do some rides some other time, either at ComoTown or at the county fair.  I think a kid needs to have fun on carnival rides, but once a summer is enough.  At least until they’re old enough to have a job and pay for the rides themselves.  I’m not their friend, I’m their parent and the credit card companies do not need to make their living off of me.  They can go find honest work instead.

In other news, my flower garden is looking quite grand.  The Johnson’s Blue Geraniums are now in bloom as are the mini irises.  The medium blue flowers on the geraniums complement the dark blue of the irises nicely and the riot of color is working out well at least for me.  Those of you who need organized gardening are probably following someone else’s blog by now. 

The vegetable garden is a sea of green shoots.  Dash it all!  Especially since most of those shoots are the early bits of weeds.  It’s a veritable carpet of weeds out there and the kids can’t keep up with only an hour each day to work them out.  I’m going to have to offer up payment for extra weeding time, I think.  That sucks, as I love free labor 🙂  Oh well, must keep the weeds down and the plantings safe.  For the rabbits to chew on.  Papa Bear hasn’t fenced the garden yet, but maybe the rabbits have gotten used to us not planting a garden and don’t suspect anything yet.  Wishful thinking I’m sure as we’ve only got three bean plants out of a three foot square.

Well, I’m off to assist with the weeding as I’m the only one who can get at least 30 minutes out of BooBoo’s hour and he’s just about dressed.  And a friend will be over in a few minutes to borrow a couple of tables for her son’s graduation party at the end of the month.  And I need to make an offer to Ditty for more than one hour of weeding before she and BooBoo resume their playing of “Animal Daycamp”.


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