Bitten by the Love Bug

. . . Or Singin’ In The Rain.

Papa Bear bought a movie for the kids last week and we finally had a chance to watch it on Sunday night.  Sunday has always been a great night for Disney in my books.  The movie he bought was Herbie the Love Bug.  The movie was really fun and watching the kids watch the movie was even better.  We had to correct BooBoo a couple of times, “it’s Herbie not Kirby”, too many Saturday morning cartoons I guess.  But they have now watched the same movie, in it’s entirety, for the past three days!  Time to get them to the beach or something just so I don’t hear that theme music in my head for the rest of the summer.  Papa Bear promised to buy them The Apple Dumpling Gang next.  Oh boy!

We had a lovely soft rain yesterday that started around 1:30 or 2 in the afternoon and continued straight through most of the night.  It was the kind of rain that I don’t mind strolling through-provided I’ve got a good umbrella and the kind of shoes that don’t get soaked through.  I could have danced and sang too.  Except for the recurring memory of BooBoo at the tender age of 3 years placing each of his little hands on the sides of my face, holding my head so that I had to look him in the eye, and saying to me, while still strapped in his carseat; “Momma, stop singin’.”  I seem to have given birth to a music critic. 🙂

I also identified the caterpillar, Tickles, from the previous photos.  Ditty was quite impressed with my knowledge.  In truth, the internet helped me considerably.  Our friend Tickles is an Eastern Tent Caterpillar.  Now all I have to do is figure out how he got here as we do not have any fruit trees in our yard.  Revelation hit as I was typing that line, the next door neighbors have three apple trees in their yard.  That’s where he came from!  Well, I hope he goes back as the photos of the wriggling mass of caterpillars in their “tent” did not appeal to me at all.  Tickles was cute up to that point, but no more.


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