What happened to summer?

I am currently wrapped around a bowl of homemade oatmeal & a hot cup of coffee.  Didn’t think this would happen until fall!  The temp inside our house is a chilly 68 degrees farenheit and the AC hasn’t been on since it rained on Saturday.  The temp outside is supposed to peak around 74 degrees today, but the wind is still going to be strong and gusty.  I even told the kids that we would wait to do our weeding of the garden today until it warms up outside.  We usually do the weeding in the morning before it gets too hot.

We went out on a local lake yesterday afternoon with the two younger kids.  Forgot the tow rope at home so we just stayed at the beach and they went swimming and built sand castles.  On the way back across the lake, the boat motor died.  We tried to flag down some help, but the one boater who saw us thought we were just waving at him.  Not alot of boat traffic on that lake that day.  The wind was very strong and we eventually drifted close enough to shore that Papa Bear got out and started pulling the boat around the lake.  Just as we were passing the second house, an elderly gentleman in his motorized chair  came out onto his dock and asked if we needed help.  Chivalry is not dead.  He called his son who lives on the other side of the lake and his son pulled our boat to the landing.   HUGE THANKS to them both!  We had planned to be off the lake and headed for home by 5:30.  Lucky for us that we were only an hour later than that, if we had needed to pull/push the boat ourselves we would have been lucky to get off the lake before dark.  It’s a rather large lake and we were on the opposite end of it when the motor died.  I was contemplating jumping in to help if/when the water got too deep for DH to touch bottom in spite of not having worn my swimsuit that day and the fact that I do not like cold water or sticky wet clothing.  DH would have protested, mainly because he has convinced himself that I can’t swim.  I swim just fine, I simply prefer not to unless the air temp is in the 90’s.  He’s part fish and can’t understand that at all.  Ditty takes after her father in her swimming habits, BooBoo is more like me.  He wants a nice warm swim if he must and will frolic in the water to the fullest when the air temp is warm enough.

Other than that, we have kept busy around here.  It’s probably time for calling friends and setting up playdates for the younger kids as they are starting to get bored with each other.  Nothing major, just the “I’m sick of playing the same games/watching the same shows all the time” stuff.  We’ll see what the rest of the week brings and maybe just get them out of the house more.

On the knitting/crocheting front, I have been slowly making progress on Ditty’s summer sweater.  I’m thinking of turning it back into a vest, but I’m still split on that thought.  Since I haven’t yet gotten the bottom part wide enough to go round her middle yet, I still have time to sort it out.  I was on Ravelry today and found out that they have 274 pages of free patterns that have been shared.  At approximately 20 patterns per page, the sheer volume of what is there is mind boggling.  Granted, many of the patterns are for hats, scarves and fingerless gloves/arm warmers, but wow what a treasure trove of possibilities.  I’ve managed to get through page 30 and placed several patterns into my Ravelry library, including a hat for Ditty made with Malabrigo yarn.  That should use up the leftover skein of Malabrigo from her winter sweater, yes!

BooBoo has a baseball game tonight and Ditty has her first flute lesson and a soccer game tomorrow.  That should keep them happy for a couple days while I figure out where we can go for some fun & sun.  I’ve added a Recipes page and will post some recipes soon since I enjoy cooking as much as I enjoy knitting/crocheting.


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