Weight loss!

I have lost four pounds since our weigh in June 12th!  This is fabulous for me as it equals just over 1 pound per week.  My wristwatch is now on the fourth hole from the end-so at least my wrists look slimmer.  🙂 

We have more weeding to do in the garden.  Can’t wait until that’s done.  Still have to get the bales of straw to mulch the berries.  I also bought bean seeds at Menard’s last night.  If we get them planted and watered today, we’ll have beans by mid-late August.  Fresh green & yellow beans to bring along to Pete’s.  Foil packet beans would be great for our Saturday Race Night potluck.

Speaking of pot luck’s and weight loss, I’ve managed to lose that four pounds right before we indulge in two pot luck meals this Saturday.  Hmm, maybe I should bring the salads.  At least to Patsy & Dave’s.  I’m kind of craving a good dessert lately, maybe a peach crisp made with fresh peaches.  And I suppose a mixed fruit bowl would qualify as a salad of sorts.  And Walmart has blueberries for $2.00 per pint, which around here qualifies as cheap.

Well, garden to weed and I need to be cleaned up in time for lunch and adoration.  Then errands to run.  Have a great day.


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