Our 4th of July

Wow, what a day it was.  It actually started on the 3rd as I was getting a dessert made to take to my SIL’s for a potluck supper on the 4th.  Since the laundry had to be done at some point, I didn’t start making the dessert until 10 pm.  Got to bed at midnight, then back up at 6am.  Folded the last load of laundry that I had taken from the dryer the night before, then at 6:15am, I had a glass of apple juice and began washing fruit to make a fruit salad to bring to the potluck lunch at a friend’s house.

Then the phone rang around 7 am or so.  DH took the call, it was his mom telling us that his sister & her husband had taken their youngest to the hospital and that their local hospital had sent them by ambulance to a larger hospital in the Twin Cities and it was likely that the youngest (not even 2 years old yet) would need surgery.  She also let him know that his dad would meet us at the parade we would be attending, rather than us picking him up as he was helping their oldest daughter watch her younger sibs.  Oh boy, that put a turn in the day.  I said a quick prayer for them and got back to the fruit salad.  It had to be done before we needed to leave for the parade and the kids were excited to be seeing their cousins again.

Looked at the time and realized that I still needed a shower and that an actual breakfast would be impossible, I handed off the watermelon dicing duties to DH with instructions to layer the fruit when all the cutting/dicing was done.  Packed all the implements needed to serve the various dishes, then went to get myself ready.  We actually ended up leaving the house at about 8am-amazing!  Called SIL on their cell phone at 8:30am on the way to the parade, no answer but we weren’t surprised since they were either busy with their youngest or trying to get in a nap if everything had calmed down already.  Got a return call at 8:45am.  Everything had gone well, procedure wise.  No surgery was needed, Thank God!  And the little guy was doing fine, his mom and dad were tired but otherwise doing well also.

Got to the parade route about 9:15 am and met up with my parents.  Chatted with them until just before the parade started.  Got sunblock on everybody while chatting.  Then walked over to where our chairs were set up.  Saw another friend at the parade and chatted for a bit, then watched the parade and chatted with DH’s aunt and niece.  Packed up after the parade and went over to our friend’s to begin the potluck food extravaganza.  Knew the diet would be blown, wasn’t disappointed.  After eating and chatting at our friend’s, we went over to SIL’s house.  They got back from the hospital late in the afternoon and very tired.  Had a quick supper with them, then left early for the fireworks display in a town closer to home.  We decided to view the fireworks from a nearby county park rather than on the festival grounds with the rest of the crowd.  The park was still busy and the parking lot was a zoo, but once we got settled the kids enjoyed swimming and playing at the park.

The fireworks were lovely as usual.  I noticed that there didn’t seem to be a “new” type of rocket this year.  In year’s past, there was always some new display that we hadn’t seen before, but this year they stuck to a lot of the old standbys.  Still a nice display and the day was complete.

Great food, great fun, great news about our little nephew.  We were as glad to see him that afternoon as he was to be home.  A scary start to the day, but a happy ending too.  Hope your 4th was fun as well.


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  1. shoestringalley
    Jul 06, 2009 @ 12:18:18

    Sounds amazing! July 4th here just zips by like any other day. I’m slightly jealous!

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