Good moms of the world unite!

Let’s face it, we all know that some people just shouldn’t be allowed to procreate. . . EVER!  I was reading the July issue of Real Simple magazine when this was really driven home to me (not that I didn’t know this before, there were just glaring examples in the mag).  The items in bold are there because that is how they appeared in the magazine.

In their Your Words section, Real Simple posed the question: “How do you get out the door on time?”  A.K. from Santa Barbara said: “I have two children under the age of four so getting out of the house on time is like a military maneuver. And if I ever get around to accomplishing this feat, I will call it Operation Shock & Awe.”  I think my friend with four children age 7 and under and my SIL with a total of eight kids are ready to fly to California and slap some sense into this woman (or are calling CPS to have her kids taken away).  Even I think she’s a nutter.  You can get out of the house on time, you just have to be realistic in your estimate of the time it takes to “accomplish this feat”. 

Then there’s S.W. of San Diego who is teaching her kids that mediocre is okay.  She writes: “As a single mom of three children, ages 10, 7 & 5, I find getting everyone dressed and out the door to be stressful.  I tried bribery and bargaining, but what really worked was feeding off my children’s sibling rivalry.  Once everyone is in the car, I assign a score to how well each did that morning: 10 being the best and one being the worst.  With this system, everyone does what I ask without being reminded.  It has taken the anxiety out of our days, and we all feel like we’re on the same team.”  News flash lady, you are all on the same team-you’re a family!  And the kids should do what you ask, you’re the mom.  Sooner or later the kids are going to decide that the middle score works just fine and won’t try any harder than not being last . . . in everything they do.  Good luck with that S.W.   You may find yourself with three kids at home in their 30’s.  Failure to Launch indeed.

But I’ll leave you with some good thoughts from people we can actually relate to.  J.K. in Dallas writes:  “I pace myself with the local morning news.  For instance, they run a technology segment at about 16 minutes after the hour, and I know that I need to be putting my make-up on at that point in order to walk out of the house at 6:30.”

L.R. from Oak Park writes:  ” There was a period when I fussed endlessly over my hair, what outfit I selected, and which accessories to wear.  I put pressure on myself, thinking that unless everything was just so, I couldn’t leave the house.  Well, life isn’t ‘just so’.  As long as I look good enough, I don’t sweat the details.  Acceptance leads to confidence, confidence gets me out of the door on time, and being on time helps set the tone for a great day.”

And finally, M.H. in Alexandria writes: “How do I get out the door on time?  Oh, that’s easy.  I leave my husband at home.”  Yes, we can relate to that.


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