Patience is a virtue . . .

Yes, this truth was bound to appear in my blog sooner or later. . . and probably in triplicate.  Patience is something I struggle with, especially when it comes to my spouse.  I laugh at people who think they don’t have the patience to have children.  Children really don’t require all that much patience as they will eventually grow up and leave home to make their own home elsewhere (Big hint to my 23 yr old).  Yes, you may at some point hear, “Mom, I didn’t mean to break your priceless irreplaceable vase.”   Or ” Yes, mom, you did tell me 47 million times not to do that . . . but I forgot.”  And yet, children do not require the same level of patience that adults do.

Spouses are a “til death do us part deal”.  Somedays, that gets mighty tempting.  Which is why I had our wedding vows worded with “as long as we both shall live”.  I’m sure he’d agreed with me about how tempting “til death do us part” can be.  I have my quirks that bug him too.  We expect more from adults than we do from children.  That’s why I think that it is harder to be patient with adults.  They’re supposed to know what they’re doing.  They’re supposed to know that we have lives too.  They’re supposed to know why we do what we do.  ESP is a dead science, we need to learn to be better at communicating with each other so that our relationships can flourish and we won’t feel that they require so much patience.


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