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Ditty and I were at Girl Scout daycamp last week.  BooBoo came along and enjoyed exploring the woods while I worked with the girls on Outdoor Specialty Skills (knives, knots, compasses, weather and map skills).  My own compass knowledge needs some extra work so I found some good online info.  Can’t remember if it was trefoilgirlscouts or scoutingweb, but it was one of the two so I’ll be checking them out again soon.  Ditty and her age group got to go on a compass hunt for candy this year, whittled fuzz stick firestarters and learned how to tie more knots, including a barrel roll shaped knot that isn’t good for anything except making a cool looking necklace (but they always want to know that one).

Ditty and I also had a great time at the overnight.  The kids and staff enjoyed skits and songs at the campfire.  Roasted hotdogs, made s’mores, all that good stuff.  We had a bout of bad weather on Tuesday and couple short sprinkles on Friday morning, but other than those, the weather was really nice.  Not oppressively hot or ridiculously cold either (we’ve had both at other times this summer, so we were thankful for the nice weather).

I’ve spent the past few days catching up on the laundry and housecleaning.  I’ve also taken some time out to work on my knitting.  DH’s cousin’s wife is pregnant and the baby shower is next Wednesday.  I’ve finished the hat and am working on the right front of the cardigan.  It’s knit in one piece from the back to the left front with sleeves attached, then the yarn is attached to the neck edge and the right front is knit on as well.  I’ve picked colors from their nursery (a photo of the mom-to-be and the new baby’s nursery was used as the invitation for the shower), so the hat and sweater should be well received.  I’ll post a picture after it’s finished and after the actual shower.

Well, gotta run and figure out what I want to make for supper tonight.  I really need to do a cooking day soon.  The freezer has very little variety lately and school starts in September so I’ll want to have some cool weather oven meals ready for that.  I picked up cottage cheese on my last trip to the grocery store (a buy one, get one free deal) so I’ll definitely be making some lasagne.  I’ve got hamburger in the freezer from a previous trip as well as noodles in the cupboard all ready to go.


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