What a fast moving week we had this past week!  Ditty had soccer games Monday and Tuesday nights as they needed to make up two games that were called due to bad weather (heavy rain on one night and high heat index on the other).  Soccer tournaments were also this weekend.  Ditty’s team was the #7 seed out of 9 teams, so they didn’t have to play a game on Thursday night.  They did, however, have to play the #2 seeded team on Saturday morning.  They played their best game all season, especially since this was the team they played in the make-up game on Monday night (where they got clobbered 4 or 5 to nothing).  Ditty’s team scored first in the latter part of the first half, but the other team tied the score just before the half ended.  Neither team scored in the early part of the second half, but the other team did score again with about 5 minutes left in the second half.  So the final score was 2-1 with the other team winning the game.  Ditty and her team were so bummed that they were out of the tournament after just one game.  But all the parents and their coaches told them that they did an excellent job playing that game and defending against a very aggressive team.  Ditty was the goalie for her team and she made alot of good saves.  She was bummed about the second goal the other team got through though.  It was a high kick into the net and she said she had felt it brush the tips of her fingers.  Just not a high enough jump on her part-poor kid.  We told her that as long as you try your best, that’s all we or anyone can expect.

We also took the kids out to the beach today, in spite of the weather.  It was supposed to get up to 83 degrees Farenheit today-never made it that far, or if it did, the wind kept things feeling much cooler.  Ditty enjoyed the water and BooBoo made a friend on the playground.  I attempted to knit something constructive but just couldn’t decide what to make.  I also forgot to bring stitch markers for knitting in the round, so tried to crochet a quick ring marker-it ended up too thick to be useful.  I suppose that I could have just tied a loop of yarn onto the needles, but I wanted something a little fancier at the time.  Oh well, since none of the projects I looked at really grabbed my fancy, it’s just as well that I spent more time on the marker.  There’s just that much less knitting to frog.

I finished the baby sweater and it is now blocking in the basement.  Should be dry and ready for a picture tomorrow (which I can’t post until Thursday).  I have to go back to the yarn store on Tuesday to pick up some wool wash.  I wasn’t reading labels as closely as I should have been on Saturday and purchased a bottle of  Power Scour, a cleaning product for raw, greasy fleeces instead of something that will gently wash woolen handknits.  That ought to teach me not to buy and run.


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