The Talk

Boy am I glad that the spirit moves me to go to a bookstore every now and again!  Just in the nick of time too. 

I’ve been noticing that Ditty has filled out a bit this summer and was beginning to think that I should get myself a book on how to talk with her about the changes happening in her body and get her ready for what happens when she gets her first period.  No, she hasn’t started yet, but it’s just over the horizon I’m sure.  Well the bookstore, owned by a friend, was out of reference books for moms but had an American Girl book for girls called “The Care & Keeping of You:  The Body Book for Girls”.  So I bought that figuring that I would still have time to find a book to help me deal with how I was going to talk to her about her body and hopefully put a few good phrases in my mouth about what to say.  Not being raised by overly glib parents, I am a bit stunted in my verbal growth when it comes to certain topics.  I admit that.

Well, I started reading the book (and hiding the darn thing when BooBoo came into the room-see, stunted!)  and I was impressed that they could cover that much info and still not talk about sex.  Hooray!  I wish there was a book like this for boys, because I’m really gonna need that one!  May have to write it myself.  Can you wrap your brain around that one?  Yeah, me neither.  But I digress.

Anyway, I get to the point in the book just before the period talk and in walks DH with Ditty and he says to me, “You need to talk to someone (meaning her) about deodorant.”  And he goes on about the position of the fan in his office and the fact that she was right in front of it and he was down wind.  TMI, thank you.  The first statement DH made was enough for me to know that when opportunity presents itself, I might as well get the job over with.

So, I asked her to sit down on the bed and did a quick spiel about the need to shower more regularly and how deodorant will help now that she is reaching puberty.  “Puber-what?”  she replied.  Oh goody, I get to talk about that too (so not ready-jump in anyway).  I explained that puberty was her body’s way of becoming more grownup.  I told her that I had gotten a book for her that explained all of the different things she would be experiencing and told her that since I was just about to begin the chapter about periods why don’t we read it together.  And that’s what we did.  

Prior to last night, Ditty was still of the idea that a period was just a punctuation mark that sometimes got forgotten at the end of her sentences.  But now she knows.  And we covered the information together so that she also knows that she can come to me and ask me about anything (Oooh, I sure set myself up for some doozies with that one I’ll bet). 

But she wasn’t ready for the “sex” talk.  Thanks for the reprieve Lord.  I mentioned the ovaries since they were depicted in one of the drawings that accompanied the menstruation chapter and thought she would ask about them and why they were there, so I mentioned that they are where the eggs are created.  “Eggs?!” she said.  I quickly attempted to explain but she really wasn’t ready to hear that so I just told her that we’d come back to that bit of info at another time.  Whew!

I even learned something from the book that I didn’t know before.  How to buy the right size bra.  Apparently the old JCP catalog didn’t use the correct measurement when figuring bra size.   So for the thirty or so years that I’ve been wearing bras, I’ve been buying the wrong size.  So today, I did a complete overhaul and threw out the old bras that didn’t fit right and purchased new ones.  Good thing I bought that book, lol.  Even this old dog learned a new trick.  And also learned that I can do a better job at talking puberty than I thought.


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