Introducing . . .

Our new pets, Molly & Buck.

Buck is on the left and Molly is the one on the right.

Buck is on the left and Molly is the one on the right.

We got the goldfish on Friday.  They were a prize for the kids from VBS.  Unfortunately, Buck passed away the next morning.  He was BooBoo’s fish and it made BooBoo very sad.  We’ll be getting another fish on Monday so that Molly has a little friend in the tank.  Even she seems to miss having another fish around.

We gave Buck a burial with a prayer service.  The book, “The Blessing Candles” has a nice prayer service for when a pet dies.  So we dug a hole in the backyard (trust me, this is much less traumatic than trying to flush a dead, bloated fish and I know this from personal experience as a mom.) and placed Buck in a small milk carton lined with white paper towels.  We lit candles, placed Buck’s homemade casket in the ground, sprinkled water on it and prayed the prayer service.  It was a pretty solemn affair and BooBoo was a reluctant participant.  Mainly because he didn’t want to cry anymore, poor little guy.  But I requested his participation because I believe that each life should be honored and remembered no matter how short.  He did cry some more, but in the immortal words of Shrek:  “Better out than in I always say”. 

DH & I explained to BooBoo that it is okay to cry when we’re sad and when a pet dies, it is a sad time.  We also explained that it’s okay to grieve for our loss, whether it’s a person we loved or a pet.  It broke my heart to watch him cry for the loss of his first ever real pet.  But I know he’ll be fine.  Tonight, he was able to look at the picture I posted above.  And even though it brought back a little of the pain, after I said that we would always have a picture of Buck to remember him by, BooBoo was able to smile at that thought.

Here’s hoping that all your goldfish are always hale and hearty.


In other news,  we went to my friend’s pig roast on Saturday.  We had a blast reconnecting with people we haven’t seen in awhile.  And sure, it rained, but the kids had a blast running around in it and playing all those wet, sloppy games they make up for fun.  And nobody got sick. 

That was very good as we went to brunch with my in-laws this morning(yes, all of them!  ever try to get a table for twenty?). 

We were a bit bleary eyed at mass this morning.  We needed to go to the 7:30am service instead of our usual 9am mass as the in-laws wanted to do brunch at 10am.  It took me until the first reading to realize that there was only one altar server.  So I asked DH how many servers were up there, just to double check my sneaker count and he confirmed only one.  So I motioned Ditty over to me and told her that she should go into the sacristy, get a robe on and just sit in the seat next to the other kid so that there would be two servers to help Father.  She’s an obedient child yet and doesn’t mind helping out, so the two of them were up there for the work of table setting, receiving the gifts, ringing the bells, etc.

Then after mass, we stopped back at home to pick up swimsuits, towels and pictures to bring along.  The swimsuits and towels for after brunch and the pics to distribute at brunch.  Well, we remembered the swimsuits and towels!  We’re just gonna have to mail the pics out.  After brunch, we went to my SIL’s house.  The kids went tubing on the lake (for my readers who have never been on an inner tube hooked via tow rope to the back of a speed boat, tubing {long U} is quite fun. . . according to my kids-yes, they are required to wear personal floatation devices known here as life jackets).  Her husband and mine went in the boat.  We’re kind of particular up here in that only adults get to drive the boat.  She and I stayed in the house and she taught me how to play Gin.  I know what you’re thinking:  “How did she ever get to forty-four and a half without learning how to play gin?”  Well, my parents enjoyed playing 500 rummy, so I never learned how to play Gin rummy.  Oh well, now I can and it was quite fun in spite of the fact that I got completely trounced (3 games to nought) and had absolutely zero beginner’s luck.  I also don’t have a poker face worth a darn and tend to move my cards around to get my groups together.

A nice weekend all in all and things are now drying out again so hopefully we won’t have as humid a week this week as last.


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  1. shoestringalley
    Aug 17, 2009 @ 13:55:30

    Ah, poor Buck.

    It made me smile that one was called Molly. I know someone who called her two goldfish Molly and Arthur after the Weasley’s in Harry Potter!

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