Here she is . . .

BooBoo’s new pet, Minnie. 


Minnie awaiting transfer to the tank

Minnie awaiting transfer to the tank

I asked him if he wanted her name spelled Mini, since she’s a lot smaller than Molly, but he asked how it would be spelled if it was like Minnie Mouse.  That’s what he wanted so that’s what we did.  What can I say, the boy likes his Disney!  We actually have a picture with him and Minnie Mouse from our trip to DisneyWorld when he was about 3 1/2 years old.  Unfortunately, that was back in our 35mm days so getting the pic on this computer would be a pain.  And considering my photo filing system, finding the pic would also be a pain.  Organization of photos isn’t top of the list at the moment.  Someday. . .

I don’t have a good pic of the girls together yet because every time Molly tried to check out Minnie, Minnie quickly swam away.  Molly is about 2-3 times the size of Minnie so it’s understandable that Minnie was a bit intimidated and wanted to be sure she didn’t become lunch.


Addendum:  Since typing this yesterday, Minnie and Molly have started getting along a bit better and Min no longer swims away at Molly’s every approach.  In fact, Molly has started swimming away from Minnie when she needs some peace and quiet.  Minnie is very active and swims around in the tank quite a lot.  We had a thunderstorm around 3 am and the curtains on the west facing window near the tank were open.  The storm really caught the attention of both fish.  Surprising since I read on a “care & keeping of goldfish” website that their attention span is only 4-9 seconds.  The storm also had Minnie in a flurry of activity and Molly, who had enough of Minnie’s activity, swam behind the fake coral to get a break.

Yes, I am the one doing most of the care for these fish.  How did you guess?  🙂


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