We had a very fun and very busy weekend.  Friday morning we packed up to go camping with friends at a family resort up north.  But first, I needed to attend a Virtus facilitator update in St. Paul.  Since the Hayden Center is right across the street from the History Center, DH & the kids hung out there while I was at the meeting.  I went back over to meet them around 2 pm and we left St. Paul around 2:30.

Got to our campsite and set up the tent together.  Yes, all four of us.  I’m surprised too.  But anyway, the kids got to go swimming with DH, then we ate supper and got caught up with our friends.  On Saturday, we let the kids swim and play while the adults chatted until lunch.  After lunch came the second annual beanbag tournament. 

For those who haven’t seen the game, you can check out, their tailgate and cornhole boards are a similar set up to what we use.  I gotta say, I like the ones with the built in drink holders, now if they could just make those fold under for easy storage and portability they’d really be on to something. 

The game we play uses three beanbags per team.  Three points are awarded if you toss the beanbag into the hole, one point if you toss it onto the board (and it has to stay on the board to count).  And the other team’s scoring beanbags cancel out your points so basically only one team scores for each set of beanbags tossed.  We play to 21 points and your team has to reach 21 exactly, go over-you bust and your score goes back to 11 points.  Many of the kids decided to play with us, so we ended up with 13 teams this year.  Teams are chosen by drawing a card from a standard deck.  We placed 13 pairs of cards in the deck, shuffled and had people draw a card.  Your partner was the person with the same card and color that matched your card (the two red Jacks are partners, two black tens, etc.).  My partner was a young man about BooBoo’s age and we did fairly well.  I actually managed a hat trick, all three beanbags in the hole, during our first game.  My partner and I still lost that game but since our tournament is double elimination, we were able to play three games.  We won our second game and then lost the third game.  We had a great time and after the tournament ended, everyone got ready for the potluck supper.  Lots of food to eat while we watched the race together on tv.  This campground has electric and cable television hook-ups so it’s definitely not roughing it.  It also has showers and flush toilets, pretty plush really 🙂 

DH & I let Ditty and BooBoo stay up late each night since the other kids were able to as well.  Boy, did they sleep late those mornings!  Ditty managed to get up by 8 am as she’s going through another growth spurt and needs her breakfast.  BooBoo, on the other hand, could barely manage to get up by 9 am.  One tired little boy, he even slept until 8:45am on Monday.  Just catching up on his sleep I guess.  The kids didn’t watch too much of the race with us.  They were too busy enjoying time with friends.  We stayed at the campfire, chatting, after the race.

On Sunday morning, DH made breakfast.  Raspberry french toast, bacon and eggs.  Yum, and the best part, I didn’t have to cook.  I did do the washing up though.  Needed to heat water twice to cut through all the greasy dishes (including the ones from the night before) but it was worth it.  And having to heat more water gave me a short break from the dishes too.  After breakfast DH took the kids swimming, then we packed up and ate lunch.  After lunch, it was good-byes all around and then up to the office to reserve spots for next year.  Lots of friends, lots of food, lots of fun-weekends don’t get any better than that.  And we’ll be getting together with most of the group again in a few weeks for one last campout before packing up our tent for the season.


Now for the sad news.  BooBoo’s fish, Minnie, died last night.  She wasn’t swimming well when we got back from camping this weekend but I was hoping that she might make a recovery.  Unfortunately, she did not and although there were no tears this time, BooBoo is still saddened by her death.  We’ll try again and this time we’re going to try to get one that is closer in size to Molly.  Minnie was bullied a bit and may have been hurt during one of the chases around the tank.  Overfeeding her might have also been a contributing factor in her death, so feedings will be once per day not twice in future.  We might also invest in goldfish pellets so that the fish aren’t constantly feeding at the waterline, since gulping air into their bodies is not good for them either.

Gotta run.  Grandma & Grandpa B are picking up Ditty and BooBoo around 10:30 this morning for lunch, a movie and shopping.  I still need to run a dustmop over the floors.


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