Working for nothing . . .

or Stop Me Before I Volunteer Again.

Why is it that the same people are the ones who always volunteer for multiple jobs at school while others can’t even be counted on to bring the plates and napkins for a potluck?  I don’t know where this is going, I’m just frustrated that no matter how busy I am, someone always wants more.  (no Jackie, not just you, everybody.) 

It seems that no matter how much I do, there is always someone who thinks that I just sit around eating bonbons all day because they just know that stay-at-home moms: don’t work, have nothing else to do, are just so lazy that nothing gets done.  Where do they come up with this bull?  I eke out of one paycheck the mortgage payment-all utilities-pay for groceries to create meals that are not boring HH crud- pay for the kid’s school lunches-buy all the kid’s clothes and school uniforms-pay the credit card off in full each month regardless of how high the balance went-make payments for school tuition-buy all presents for the entire extended family’s various celebrations and try to find a little extra so that we can get away for a bit here and there.  If anyone dares to say that I’m not qualified to be a budget consultant, they’re talking out of a strange part of their anatomy.  I solve conflicts of the variety that make me wonder why people with nothing else in their job description can’t create world peace.  I transport them, wash them, launder, fold and/or iron their clothes, clean bathrooms, kitchens and all other areas of the house.  I cook their meals, medicate their ills and mend their spirits.  I dutifully go to their practices, games and concerts even if I am dead on my feet.  I answer their calls 24/7.

And still there are people, including family, who think that I do nothing.  Maybe I’ll have to start keeping a list.  Or maybe I just need to find a paying job so that everyone begins to realize what isn’t getting done anymore and how little recognition is received for doing it.


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