BooBoo’s Birthday!

Today is BooBoo’s birthday.  He is so excited.  He reminded me this morning that I needed to get him a present.  I informed him that the gifts had already been purchased awhile ago so I am already ready for his special day.

I did have to bake the cupcakes this afternoon and will probably let him and Ditty decorate them together.  I’ll put the frosting on though or 1 can won’t do the whole batch, lol.  I saw a photo of these cute pink pig cookies in Taste of Home’s Fun Food cookbook in the checkout stand and decided to do that theme but on cupcakes instead.  BooBoo’s favorite stuffed animal for several years was his stuffed pink pig from the story If You Give A Pig A Pancake by Laura Numeroff.  Since he started second grade this year, it’s probably my last chance to remind him of his best buddy, Piggy.

Piggy has been with BooBoo since he was about 3 years old.  Piggy has gone on vacations with BooBoo and been tent camping as well.  Piggy has also, more importantly, been at BooBoo’s side whenever he has been ill, giving comfort and companionship during BooBoo’s most miserable days.  A friend like that deserves to be part of the birthday celebration.

I’ll post some pics later.  Ditty and BooBoo did decorate the cupcakes together.  BooBoo loved his presents, a cocoa dinosaur Webkinz and the BeastQuest books from the series that he didn’t have yet.  I’m sure we’ll be setting Harry Potter aside again to read all about the beasts for awhile.  Except for having to go to bed, BooBoo enjoyed his birthday very much.


Okay, the long awaited picture of the cupcakes is here.

Some of the two dozen cupcakes we made

Some of the two dozen cupcakes we made


Strawberry cupcakes with strawberry frosting, strawberry marshmallows for the snout, strawberry creme filled wafer cookies for the ears, mini chocolate chips for the eyes and butterscotch chips for the nostrils.  Just a wee strawberry flavoring overload 🙂


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. shoestringalley
    Sep 14, 2009 @ 13:40:01

    Did you take any photos of the cupcakes? They sound great!

  2. thefrenchchick
    Sep 14, 2009 @ 14:13:50

    I did. Still have to upload them from the camera.

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